Oregon is Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis

Since 2015, Oregon has fallen from 47th to 50th in the nation for access to behavioral health services and prevalence of mental illness.


Inpatient facilities continue to operate at max capacity with patients in crisis waiting for bed space. Amid all of this, the state continues to cut behavioral health spending with Oregon Governor Kate Brown suggesting nearly $69 million in budget reductions for the Oregon Health Authority in 2021.

It is time we demand action from Oregon's policymakers to address our state's rapidly growing mental health crisis.

Together we can create mental health action now.


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Building Support

In light of Oregon's growing behavioral health struggles, the Willamette Mental Health Action Coalition seeks to create an open dialogue with providers and advocates in order to foster the development of more behavioral health services.

The Treatment Advocacy Center recommends at least 50 inpatient beds per 100,000 people. In 2016, Oregon had merely 16.2 beds per 100,000 Oregonians.

Without more inpatient beds, our community members will continue moving through the revolving door of addiction, mental illness and houselessness.

Join us in demanding action by sending a letter to OHA Director Pat Allen.